Iceland / Landsnet


Proud to be part of the team, who finalized in May 2021 three full digital substation as a multi vendor solution. Together with KEK Engineering Kandertal/ IB Mohn and our local general contractor RST/Net we handover the first 3 digital Substation to the National Grid Company of Iceland.  Many thanks to the outstanding support we need to address to the Omicron (Testequipment) and Helinks (61850 vendor independent top-down engineering tool) teams.

Equipment used in the project:

ABB Relion (BCU/BPU): 

RET670 Ver. 2.2.3  
RED670 Ver.2.2.3
REC670 Ver. 2.2.3
REB670 Ver. 2.2.3

SAM TS 600

Siemens (MU and RIO): 

6MU85 Ver. 8.3 (Siprotec 5)
A8000 (RIO)

Eberle (Transformer Control):

REG-D with PED-SV 

Network Devices:

SEL2740S Network Switch
PTP Time Server
SEL5056 Flow Controller 

61850 System Engineering Tool :

Helinks STS


Zenon (HMI)
A8000 (GW)

Testing Equipment:

Omicron CMC356 (Digital Substation License)
Station Scout Ver. 1.3
ITT600 Ver.2.2

Factory Acceptance Test

SIte Acceptance Test

ABB SWG 66kV with NCIT's 

Behind the scene:

Inside an 66kV Control and Protection Cubicle 

-Back view of RED670 (BCU/BPU) for one OHL

-Back view of RET670 (BCU/BPU)  for one Transformer

-Back view of REB670 (BBPfor 5x132kV Bays

-Energy Counter for OHL and Transformer Bay 

-Conventional cooper wiring only used for Aux. Supply